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  1. Background Cocktail & Dinner Music
    Your choice of cocktail & dinner music, starting from the moment your guests begin arriving until you’re ready to start the dance. The DJ will be present to operate the system for you and make any general announcements as requested.
  2. Fully Trained, Experienced DJ's
    All our DJ’s go through an intensive training program through Hype Entertainment. This ensures they do things our way, which of course, is your way! All aspects of DJing are covered and mastered before being promoted. See our Akademix page for further info.
  3. Licensed & Professional Music Catalog
    The biggest hits, classics, and remixes, from the Classical era until today. All licensed and legal, high-quality music files for your enjoyment. Properly mixed live on the spot for a continuous flow of the evening.
  4. Free Overtime
    At Hype Entertainment we fully enjoy what we do. If your guests are still going strong at the end of the night and the venue gives us the green light, you're first half hour of Overtime is on us!
  5. Quality Assurance
    Hype DJ’s are held accountable for their performance, with incentives to ensure they provide the best possible DJ experience. Our money back guarantee also holds the DJ’s responsible for any negligence. We ensure the DJ is always doing his or her best for every client!
  6. Emergencies Covered
    Better safe than sorry! We provide an emergency contact manager with back-up equipment as well as DJ’s that are paid to take the night off just to be on call for you in case of any emergency. The show MUST go on.
  7. Liability Insurance
    Many locations won’t let your DJ in the door without proof of proper insurance. We are happy to oblige, and many locations already have us on file.
  8. Easy To Use Online Planning System
    Our goal is to ensure YOU get what YOU want. Once booked with us you will receive a username and password in order to log on to our website where you can access your own personal event planner. There you can customize everything from the Interaction Levels, the different styles of music, and everything else you can think of.
  9. Money Back Guarantee
    As mentioned with our Quality assurance, our contract includes a money back guarantee in which the DJ's and office staff are personally financially responsible should there be any issues. This is to ensure your trust that the company as a whole will be at their best for you at all times.

For more detailed information, please check out our PDF Presentation here

  1. Ryan & Zoe 8/26/17
    Our DJ Brent and all the people we communicated with at Hype were amazing! We had a wide range of ages of guests, but the music was perfect and was enjoyed by the 25 year olds and the 80 year olds. Brent put thought and consideration into the songs he played, and was even mixing songs towards the end of the night once the older guests had left. We received so, SO much feedback from our friends and family about the playlist of the evening and how amazing it was. I can only say positive things about Brent and Hype, and I would strongly recommend them!
  2. Carson & Mick 4/29/17
    Hype DJ services provided us with a fantastic DJ for our wedding. Once we opened the dance floor, it was packed and stayed pack till the wee hours of the morning. The DJ was great about quickly incorperating requests into the playlist and had a great mix of music everyone enjoyed. Fantastic job keeping our guests entertained!
  3. Tyler & Jennifer 2/11/17
    When I need another DJ, I will only be contacting Hype Entertainment. They were easy to deal with, organized, well thought out, and punctual. The DJ played a great mix, and everyone at our wedding complimented us on the music and the DJ performance. They played to the bitter end and I danced every song. Many thanks to Cory, and Hype!
  4. Mark & Breanne 10/1/16
    We could not have asked for a better DJ. He was genuine, very nice and kept us informed of what was to come next. He created a really fun party atmosphere and we have received so many compliments about him. He took care of making sure the timeline was followed which made our lives so much easier. We would not hesitate to recommend Derek and Hype Entertainment.
  5. Kevin & Anita 8/5/17
    Hype! was amazing to work with. We threw a couple curve-balls at our DJ Chris (name that tune for dinner, dance and dinner in separate rooms with different sound equipment, etc.) and he handled them all with ease. He played our requests and the requests of others, and read the crowd really well. When Chris could tell that the crowd wanted more hip-hop/rap at the end of the night (even though this wasn't our preferred music), he played it and the dance floor was packed! Thank you so much to Chris and everyone at Hype! who made our experience amazing. The photo booth was also perfect! We got our photos on a USB and they are hilarious! It looks like our guests had a lot of fun. And our photo booth operator Andrew was amazing! I would highly recommend Hype! in the future.
  6. Davin & Alison 10/8/17
    We would highly recommend Hype Entertainment! It was a pleasure to work with Rob to plan out the event. The online form was easy to use and Rob responded quickly to all our questions. Andrew was an excellent DJ. Throughout the night he continually checked in to make sure everything was going well and it was! Our dance floor was still full at last call and everyone was having a great time. Andrew was able to read the crowd and play just the right thing to keep everyone on the dance floor. We can't thank Hype enough for making our event one to remember.
  7. Ryan & Samantha 12/10/16
    The music played was exactly what we had wanted!! Nicholas was so good at reading the group that he was able to get my 86yr old grandmother on the dance floor with her walker!! Rob helping with the mirror booth was such an amazing hit at the wedding!! Everyone at our wedding loved the mirror as well!! SO FUN!!
  8. Jordan & Lindy 11/12/16
    Peter did a great job of being responsive to our needs day of and played a great set that kept everyone going all night! Nothing but good things to say!
  9. Jennifer & Jenna 10/22/16
    We had a fantastic experience with Hype Entertainment. We really appreciated the ability to login to our online account several weeks leading up to the event and adjust our preferences. This allowed us to be really specific about the kind of music we wanted and the amount of interaction we expected from the DJ. Our DJ, Daniel, did a great job reading the crowd and he checked in with us regularly to make sure we were happy with what was being played. Overall, we are very happy with all the services provided by Hype!!
  10. Alex & Julie 10/21/17
    Hype Entertainment was so easy to deal with throughout the planning process, and Nick did an amazing job at our wedding! He kept the party going right to the end, and our friends and family keep mentioning what a great job he did. Thank you so much Hype Entertainment and Nick!
  11. Anthony & Anita 9/16/17
    DJ was fantastic! He was professional and approachable. He played the music we asked for and was very accommodating to requests from our guests. We have nothing but positive things to say. Hype Entertainment was fabulous and easy to work with!
  12. Ron & Kelly 9/9/17
    We were so pleased with Brent, and his apprentice, Austin. They were fun, professional, and kept us entertained for hours. Our ceremony was actually in the outfield of a baseball diamond, and they had no issues setting up, and playing our music at the perfect volume. During the reception, they played all of our requested songs, both the ones we submitted in advance, as well as any requests we had during the party. The game of 'snowball' got everyone on the dance floor right away! As promised, they stayed until we shut the party down at 4:30am, without charging us extra. We had so much fun with them in the wee hours of the morning! I would highly recommend Hype DJ for any event for any age group! Thank you for making our wedding day even more amazing! You guys were phenomenal!!
  13. Matthew & Kimberly 9/1/17
    Our DJ Cory was absolutely amazing at our wedding. He was so great at reading the crowd and playing the perfect music mix for all of our guests. Thank you for making our wedding reception perfect!
  14. David & Sara 8/17/17
    An exceptional experience. Every detail was accounted for prior to the DJing but Andrew still The opportunity to check in at a few points during the night to make sure everything was going OK. Multiple comments from guests made note of the excellent music selection and pulse of the evening.
  15. Evan & Alison 8/3/17
    I was very impressed with Hype Entertainment. Their online organizer is such a good idea at relaying information and all the questions asked covered all the basis. They are professional and think of everything. During the event the DJ was great. He got everyone out on the dance floor and played great music. DJ Pr1mo kept checking in with my husband and I to make sure everything was going according to plan and if there was anything he could do to make our time better. The event was perfect!!
  16. Ryan & Natasha 7/29/17
    Big shout out to Rob & Chelsie Isley!! You guys Rock! Pleasure to have worked with you and your team. Hype entertainment DJ service was top notch from set up to close. We had the absolute pleasure of having Cory knock it out of the park! Great guy, super fun and you can tell he takes pride in what he does. Well organized and responsive to reading the crowd. Kept the party going until we got kicked out! Not to mention his appearance up on stage for YMCA ! Lol classic 😂 We had an absolute blast! Great thanks to everyone at Hype. These guys will take care of you. Highly recommended.
  17. Dale & Matt 7/7/17
    We would recommend Hype to anyone out there looking for an awesome DJ! We had Corey for our July wedding and we could not have asked for a better DJ. He was on time and played the ceremony music perfectly, but where he really blew us away was during the reception. We happen to have our wedding during a heat wave - at a venue without AC - which caused guests to head outside to the patio for cooler air almost immediately after the dance floor opened. Corey played a game attempting to get guests back on the dance floor, but it was just too warm inside and even us, the bride and groom, had to go outside shortly after to cool down. What did Corey do then? He immediately talked to our planner to figure out if he could bring the dance floor outside to the patio. Once he moved outside, we still had to get guests dancing, so he told everyone they had to get to the dance floor for a family tradition (of which we had no idea). He got EVERY SINGLE guest on the floor and then started the hokey pokey! It was genius! From our youngest guest of 10 to our grandparents - they were out on the dance floor with us and it was the perfect way to restart the party! All night he continued to keep the party going, playing all of our 'must plays' and a perfect mix in between! He even came out onto the floor to go trough each line dance with us when we couldn't remember the moves! As a dancer I would have been heartbroken if people couldn't dance at our own wedding, but Corey not only made it possible but ensured that people were dancing all night long! Thank you Hype and thank you Corey!
  18. Andrew & Allana 8/12/17
    I wanted to say a huge thank you for DJ'ing our wedding on Saturday night! Daniel was incredible and was hands down the best DJ we've ever seen. Multiple people approached us throughout the night and the next day to tell us how great the music was. He also stayed very late to help our take down crew get everything out of the venue for us. He truly went above and beyond and did a perfect job.
  19. Tanner & Freesia 7/15/17
    Chris did a great job. He was super nice and made a point to check in with us over the course of the night. We had a few genres on our do not play list and a couple of people requested them. Chris made sure that what was played was what we wanted and came to us for the green light before playing some of the requests. We had a few different crowds from varying age groups and Chris played the right mix of music to include everyone. Thank you Chris & Hype!
  20. Garth & Erin 7/15/17
    We used Hype to DJ our wedding and they were awesome! They played all of the songs that we had requested and made sure that people were on the dance floor all night! We were extremely happy with all aspects of Hype, from being on time to engaging our guests. I would definently recommend Hype to anyone looking for a DJ in the future!
  21. Daniel & Zahara 6/23/17
    We loved Andrew! He was polite and so kind. He was so funny and more than accommodating. He let me listen to my favorite song 3 times haha. He took everyone's suggestions for songs to be played. I was overwhelmed of the professionalism and how helpful he was when it came to dinner, cake cutting, bouquet toss and garter toss. Everything just went so perfectly!
  22. Taylor & Raelene 2/19/17
    We used Hype for Our Wedding at the Bow Valley Ranche and they made it a day to remember from start to finish. Everyone could hear us during the ceremony and Cory did an amazing job running the music through cocktails and the reception reading the crowd for the right volume and selection. Everyone had an amazing time and we would definitely recommend Hype to anyone looking for a DJ.
  23. Bruce & Jacquie 2/11/17
    Cannot say enough about how terrific Andrew was for our Daughter and Son-in-laws wedding. He got everyone on the dance floor from the beginning of the evening until the end. Music appeared to work for all age groups, and I have never danced so much in my life. Thanks Andrew, you did a great job!
  24. Matt & Aubrey 2/18/2017
    We were very happy with our DJ and Hype. Chelsey was very good and patient upon reservation process. My worry was to see the dance floor empty and I think they knew that. So every time the dance floor is getting empty, Cory and Mike will do something fun to keep the guests going again. They were attentive and really wanting to know what we want at our wedding and will execute even if not in the plan. They are awesome! I definitely would recommend Hype in the future. :-) I wanted to see my husband having fun and saw he really did. Thank you for the great music and getting our guests up and dancing a lot!
  25. Chad & Lisa 4/8/17
    I was very pleased with the services provided by Hype entertainment. The cost was very reasonable, and the DJ-Andrew was the perfect pick for our Wedding. The DJ was very dynamic, followed the instructional sheet and asked for clarification when required. I would recommend Hype entertainment for any venue that you would like an outstanding DJ service
  26. Frank & Tania 6/3/17
    An excellent experience from start to finish - planning through to execution. Diligent, friendly and accommodating administration and a great D.J. assigned. Our D.J., Chris (DJ Spazzz), checked with us on guest requested songs that may have been inappropriate for the audience at that time of the evening. I appreciated his knowledge of the songs and lyrics and the opportunity to postpone the guests request until later in the evening. He worked well with our officiant and the venue. Thank you for adding to an amazing day!
  27. Dylan & Dana 6/17/17
    Nicholas was amazing, he recommended the snowball dance to get things started and before we knew it everyone was on the dance floor and most stayed dancing the entire night! His song selections were perfect and everyone had a blast. We highly recommend Hype Entertainment for any event. 10/10! Thank you!
  28. Tyler & Kirsten 5/13/17
    We struggled with the idea of hiring a DJ as we were convinced they wouldn't play the right mix of music for us given our experiences with other weddings. However, we wanted to have a stress free day and felt hiring a DJ was the only way to achieve that. After searching online we agreed on Hype Entertainment and we are SO HAPPY that we did, they were amazing!! The ability to plan your ceremony and provide requests online ahead of time was perfect for us. They were extremely professional, keeping us up to date as our wedding drew closer, setting up on time and following all of our requests. Cory was absolutely fantastic DJ's- professional, fun and talented. They started the evening out with music all the guests could love before transitioning to some of our more eclectic requests (Rage Against the Machine anyone?) and ended with an incredible dance party! It was extremely important to me that the DJ take requests from the crowd and they did! A number of our guests commented that we had the best wedding they have ever been to, and a large part of that was thanks to the amazing music! We would highly recommend Hype Entertainment, especially Cory, to anyone looking for an event DJ!
  29. Scott & Cassandra 6/10/17
    Cory was amazing and we felt very comfortable with him! He was kind and thoughtful and made an effort to ensure that we loved the music, which we did. He provided a really good mix of songs and genres and we had a lot of compliments on our music!
  30. Brad & Megan 6/3/17
    Nicholas was great!! He played all the music we asked him to at the right times, and all the music he chose to play was on point and got people dancing ALL night.. literally :). He was very professional and polite, and did an awesome job doing the announcements we asked him to. He was on time and was quick to set up and take down. We would highly recommend him (and/or Hype) to friends and family.
  31. Eric & Ayden 4/27/18
    Hype Entertainment was great to work with. Their communication throughout the entire process from booking to day-of and following up was prompt and they answered any questions we had. The online organizer was easy to use. The DJ for the day-of was excellent. Professional and friendly, on-time and throughout the night would discuss with us to ensure all of our requests were being met. I would recommend Hype Entertainment.
  32. Jeff & Allison 6/2/18
    Hype DJ was awesome for our wedding! They kept the dance floor alive all evening and played a good mix of genres. We would recommend Hype to anyone that needs a great DJ who is also friendly!!

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