Club and Bar DJ Features

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  1. Fully Trained, Experienced DJ's
    All our DJ’s go through an intensive training program through Hype Entertainment. This ensures they do things our way, which of course, is your way! All aspects of DJing are covered and mastered before being promoted. See our Akademix page for further info.
  2. Licensed & Professional Music Catalog
    The biggest hits, classics, and remixes, from the Classical era until today. All licensed and legal, high-quality music files for your enjoyment. Properly mixed live on the spot for a continuous flow of the evening.
  3. Emergencies Covered
    Better safe than sorry! We provide an emergency contact manager with back-up equipment as well as DJ’s that are paid to take the night off just to be on call for you in case of any emergency. The show MUST go on.
  1. Custom Vibes
    Whether you want to build a night with a certain feel or just have a DJ to play requests all night, Hype Entertainment is happy to work with you to help achieve the atmosphere you’re looking for!
  2. Marketing and Media
    Our in -house design team creates posters for all of our events which are then advertised through the company and DJ's social media accounts. These are completely free for our clients' use on social media etc. as well. We also have great deals on print services for posters, handbills etc.
  3. Certified "Gearheads"
    We are more than happy (and prefer) to supply our own gear, however, if you have an in house system you prefer we use, we are more than happy to use that as well. Having problems with your set up? We can help with gear and set up suggestions as well as technical fixes and trouble shooting.

Regular 'Custom Vibe' Events

  1. Managing Director
    Stay Classy Saturdays @ Side Street
  2. Managing Director
    Half Price Fridays @ Side Street
  3. Managing Director
    Hype! Fridays @ The Joyce on 4th
  4. Managing Director
    Hype! Saturdays @ Dixons
  5. Managing Director
    Hype! Saturdays @ Kilkenny
  6. Managing Director
    Hype! Saturdays @ The Joyce on 4th
Loco Lou’s has been working with Hype for a number of years now, and we couldn’t be happier with the decision to go with the Hype team. Booking events has never been easier, they always have someone available. Even last minute! They are very helpful in the marketing department as well. Promoting all our events on every social media platform. The DJ’s are always professional, prompt, friendly, and ready to put on a great show. Hype has even taken it upon themselves to fix and reposition our stage/dancefloor lighting to make it better for our events. You can’t ask for that level of care from anyone else. The Hype team is top notch, and well worth money. I have and will continue to recommend Hype Entertainment to anyone who asks". -  Chad (GM)
It is without reservation that I fully endorse and recommend the services, products and staff of Hype Entertainment to any venue or event organizer. I am confident that Hype Entertainment will provide you and/or your customers with a great product at a fair price with a consistently professional and friendly attitude. Hype Entertainment should be considered a model company for which all others like it can learn a few things about customer service". - Jodi (Director of Entertainment)
"To anyone who ever needs any kind of DJ service. I have worked with this company through out my 19 years of running and operating bars and pubs. They are very professional, Experienced and all around amazing. I HIGHLY recommend this company to any one". - Mike  (Owner)